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The Church of God, that has received the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong, keeps the Sabbath on Saturday, according to the

About Sabbath Day Just about every Christian knows there is a day to worship God and mainstream Christianity teaches that

  There are numerous people in the world who claim to believe in God. However, only those who fully obey

“What happens to a man when he dies?” . . . “Does a man really have a spirit?” . .

  The water used for baptism contains an eternal promise from God According to the Bible, the goal of having

Regulations for Worship There are certain regulations we must follow when we worship God so that our worship may be

The Passover is the first of the seven annual feasts of God, which are grouped into three. God established these

  The Bible describes our days on this earth as “like the morning dew” that quickly disappears. Like God’s trustworthy

God said, “If those who are entrusted with the new covenant take the word ‘humility’ to heart, the gospel of

It is very blessed to have a great teacher in our life. From this point of view, we are the