Jerusalem Mother

10 May 2019

The Church of God only follows the teachings of the Bible and believes in the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong and Jerusalem Mother. In the Bible, God is referred to through plural terms instead of singular terms, and it is written that God has a male image and a female image. Therefore, God exists in the male image and in the female image. Have you ever thought about why we call God our Father? It is written that God’s invisible qualities have been clearly seen and can be understood through what has been made (Rom. 1:20). Is there any creature that is given life through only their father, alone, without a mother being present?

We need to study this matter carefully.


The Bible calls us “the children of promise.”

Galatians 4:28 Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise.

Then, what promise did God make to those who are called the children of promise? God promised them eternal life.

1 John 2:25 And this is what he promised us—even eternal life.

How is eternal life given to us? The Bible says that all things were created by God’s will (Rev. 4:11). Among all of the many creatures that God has created, let us focus on the mothers. Since it is written that God created all things by His will, a certain will of God was expressed when He created mothers on this earth. As you know, all creatures have a mother figure. There is not a single creature that can come into existence without a mother.

Our physical life is given to us through our physical mother. For 280 days, a baby’s hands, feet, eyes and ears form within his mother’s womb. When the time comes, the mother will give birth to her child, shedding blood. We are given life through our mother’s great pain. How about our spiritual life? Just as our physical life was given to us through our physical mother, our spiritual life is given to us through our spiritual Mother.

The Bible clearly testifies that our heavenly Mother exists, and that only our heavenly Mother can give us eternal life.


Let us study through the Bible to discover the existence of our spiritual Mother.

Genesis 1:26-27 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…” So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

The above verse states that God has two images—a male image and a female image. Until now, we have only known and called upon the male image of God: “Father.” Then how should we call upon the female image of God? Logically, we should refer to God’s female image as “Mother.” This is why God had said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.”

The word “us” is a plural term. “Elohim,” the Hebrew word used in place of “God” in Genesis 1:26, directly translates to “Gods,” the plural form of the word “God.” Therefore, the references to “us” in the book of Genesis refer to God the Father and God the Mother. Some say that the word “us” in this verse indicates God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. If this argument is correct, there should be three types of people in the world—those who were made in the image of God the Father, those who resemble the image of God the Son, and those created in the image of the Holy Spirit. However, on this earth there are only two types of people: men and women. Therefore, the “Gods” mentioned in Genesis 1:26 are the male image of God and the female image of God—God the Father and God the Mother.


Let us study more truth regarding the heavenly Mother through the character Adam, written in the book of Romans.

Romans 5:14 . . . Adam, who was a pattern of the one to come.

Since the book of Romans was written after Jesus had already ascended, the “one to come” mentioned in the above verse indicates the Second Coming Jesus. Adam was created to lead us to the Second Coming Jesus. Then, what was God’s will in creating Eve, Adam’s wife?

Genesis 2:21 So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and closed up the place with flesh.

Genesis 3:20 Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.

The name “Eve” means “life.” Eve was called “the mother of all the living.” God’s intent in creating Adam was to reveal the Second Coming Jesus, our heavenly Father, and Eve was created to reveal the Second Coming Jesus’ wife, our heavenly Mother. In other words, just as Eve was called “the mother of all the living,” we can only be given eternal life through our heavenly Mother. Eve represents our heavenly Mother.


Two thousand years ago, Jesus said, repeatedly, that He would wait until the last day to raise up all of the people who came to Him (John 6:39, 40, 44. 54). Why did Jesus need to wait until the last day to save His people? What was He waiting for? The account of the six-day Creation in the book of Genesis, chapter one represents the spiritual Creation which would take place over six thousand years. Just as the six-day Creation ended after Eve had appeared, so would the six-thousand year spiritual Creation end with the appearance of our spiritual Mother. Jesus could have given His people life during His first coming; however, Jesus waited for the appearance of the heavenly Mother because life would be given through Her.


Let’s study some of the testimonies about Mother written in the book of Revelation.

Revelation 19:7 Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.

The book of Revelation was written after Jesus had ascended, and it prophesied about the things that were to happen in the last days. Thus, “the Lamb” mentioned in the above verse indicates the Second Coming Jesus: Ahnsahnghong. When Jesus came to the earth for the first time, two thousand years ago, His wife was not yet ready. The Bride, the wife of the Lamb, would appear in the last days.

In the book of Revelation, chapter 21, the Bride the wife of the Lamb is described as “Jerusalem.”

Revelation 21:9-10 . . . One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.” And he . . . showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.

Apostle Paul testified that this Holy City, Jerusalem, which would come down out of heaven, is our Mother.

Galatians 4:26 But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.


Apostle Paul testified that we are the children of promise, the children of the free woman, because we have been given the promise of eternal life from our heavenly Mother.

Galatians 4:28 Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise.

Galatians 4:31 Therefore, brothers, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.

If we are the children of the free woman, what should we call Her? We should call Her our “Mother.” We cannot have eternal life unless we receive the heavenly Mother. Eternal life, which God has promised us, is given through the heavenly Mother.

In this last age, we need our Jerusalem Mother who has been established by Christ Ahnsahnghong the Second Coming Jesus. Let us believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong, the Holy Spirit, and in Jerusalem Mother, the Bride, so that we can receive eternal life.

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