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Cleanup Campaign

A clean environment is the base of a bright and healthy life. We beautify local environments by removing graffiti, painting murals, and planting flowers along the wayside.

Blood Drive

We offer health and medical support to those suffering from diseases in poor environments. Through worldwide blood drives, we help people in danger of their life due to blood shortage, and make efforts to improve everyoneu2019s health.

Neighborly Love

We stretch our helping hands in many different ways for the development, communication, and unity of our communities. For those who make efforts day and night for the happiness and security of citizens, we deliver our thanks and encouragement, and support regional unity and conduct public order campaigns.

Supporting Activities

We perform diverse supporting activities with our heart and mind at international sporting events and national or local events for the friendship and harmony of mankind. We cheer for peace and happiness with the love of a mother who cares for her family’s harmony.